Worstead Festival 2018

I’ve just finished this year’s Worstead Festival.   I love this gig, I get my own tent, in a great spot not far from where the huge shire horses do their thing.  I set up my easel, and have time in between tales to make drawings for the next one.  I do special tales, local tales, for local people.
Such as how The Devil (who is, remember, a Master of Disguise) once came to King’s Lynn.  It requires two drawings, a Before and After

Its a true tale, of course, including photographic proof for the skeptical at the end!
Another completely true tale is even more local, and explains how North Walsham Church ended up with its half ruined tower – nothing to do with excessive bell ringing at all, heavens no.
I had people from Holland, New York and Rome, which means as usual I got to learn things as well, such as that there were two William(s) of Orange, and the spot where Julius Caesar got stabbed to death is now a dog rescue shelter.  Does Brutus know, I wonder…

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