Norfolk Folk Tales for Children

I’m thrilled – The History Press have used my whole design & typography for this book jacket, and not just my illustrations.  I wanted jacket and title page to reflect the style of my work inside, so I did the whole thing, and all they had to do was drop in their blurb and barcode box in the spaces I’d left.  Which they did, excellent!
As most books are sold online these days, the strong, simple style of the two figures will remain clear even when reduced to tiny thumbnail sizes on screens (as you can see here).
This is where you must anticipate your jacket competing for attention now, not just on the bookshop shelves anymore.

There are 30 black & white illustrations inside the book, and the tales range over a period from the 800s up to the 1930s.   So I had to put much thought into creating a style which would be suitable for such a spread of time.
Besides, Dave Tonge is not only the finest teller in Norwich, he’s my brother in the telling of tales, so I wanted this book to be extra special!
So, thank you History Press, and the book is released out into the wide world on 3 September.
Norfolk Folk Tales for Children illustrated by Jim Kavanagh

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